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Your Trusted Roofing Experts in Missouri!

At Mitten Roofing and Restoration, we’re your local Missouri experts in roofing! Our team crafts and repairs roofs across the state, protecting many homes and businesses against Missouri’s harsh storms and weather extremes. 

Our services are designed to offer you all that you need to ensure your roof is at its best!

Cities We Serve

  • Kansas City

    Where jazz is vibrant, and the barbecue sizzles, we keep roofs over your heads just as impressive. Count on us for roofs that match the city's spirit!

  • Springfield

    Here in the heart of the Ozarks, we ensure your roof stands resilient against nature's surprises, from thunderstorms to sunny skies.

  • Columbia

    Home to scholars and artists alike, we provide roofing that's as reliable and sturdy as your academic pillars.

  • St. Charles

    With a rich history along the Missouri River, we assure you roofing preserves the beauty and integrity of your historic homes and businesses.

  • St. Peters

    In this community of growth and opportunity, your roofing will be a statement of both protection and innovation.

  • Joplin

    Your gateway to the West deserves roofing that can withstand the winds of change—a guarantee with our service.

Get your customized solution today, and let Mitten Roofing and Restoration protect your piece of Missouri with the apex of roofing expertise!

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What Sets Us Apart

So, Here's the Main Point With Protecting Your Property

When you choose Mitten Roofing and Restoration, you’re not just getting a service, you’re gaining a vigilant guardian for your property. 

Receive end-to-end guidance from our team of seasoned professionals who will lead you through every step, from selecting the best materials for your needs to full completion of your roofing project.

Here's How to Get Started

Don’t delay! Tap the link now, and you’ll embark on the path to safeguarding your home or business with premier Missouri roofing services. Let’s take the first step together!