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Your Go-to Experts for Residential and Commercial Roofing

In Central and East Oklahoma, Iowa, and Illinois, we’re your go-to experts for all roofing needs. Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial property, our skilled team is equipped to handle everything from routine maintenance to complete roof overhauls. 

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures your roof is not just repaired, but perfected. Trust us to keep your property looking great and functioning flawlessly, all year round. For top-quality roofing solutions, you know who to call!

Service Locations

At Mitten Roofing and Restoration, we take immense pride in our service areas, spanning Central and East Oklahoma, Central and East Iowa, and Illinois. Our commitment to excellence extends across these regions, bringing you the finest in roofing solutions.

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Central and East Oklahoma

  • Tulsa

    In Tulsa, our roofing expertise is your advantage. We offer customized solutions for every style and need, ensuring your roof is as strong as it is stunning.

  • Oklahoma City

    For Oklahoma City residents, we're the go-to for all roofing work. Our commitment to excellence means your roof is built to last.

  • Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow's homes and businesses rely on our roofing expertise. We provide tailored solutions for every building, ensuring top performance.

  • Norman

    In Norman, our roofing services are a blend of local insight and global excellence, making every roof we touch a standout.

  • Edmond

    Edmond's roofing needs are met with our unique blend of innovation and tradition, ensuring every roof is a testament to quality.

Central and East Iowa

  • Des Moines

    Des Moines homes and businesses look to us for roofing that combines functionality with flair. We make every roof a local landmark.

  • Cedar Rapids

    Our roofing services in Cedar Rapids enhance the city's charm, offering designs that are both practical and appealing.

  • Davenport

    Davenport trusts us to protect and enhance its roofs, ensuring they are safe, stylish, and sustainable.

  • Sioux City

    We bring tailored roofing solutions to Sioux City, understanding and meeting the unique needs of the community.

  • Iowa City

    Iowa City's roofing is a matter of pride for us, where each project is handled with unmatched professionalism and skill.


  • Chicago

    Chicago's diverse roofing landscape gets a boost with our innovative and durable solutions, adding both function and fashion to the city's skyline.

  • Aurora

    Aurora's residential and commercial roofing demands are met with our unparalleled service, guaranteeing safety and style.

  • Naperville

    Naperville's roofing integrity is fortified with our solutions, focusing on longevity and aesthetic appeal.

  • Rockford

    Rockford enjoys our comprehensive roofing services, enhancing its visual appeal while ensuring enduring quality.

  • Joliet

    In Joliet, our roofing projects stand for craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, transforming every roof into a masterpiece.

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  • Kansas City

    Our roofing expertise ensures your home or business has a durable and attractive roof for your home or business in Kansas City. We provide personalized solutions that meet all your roofing needs, ensuring long-lasting quality.

  • Springfield

    Springfield residents trust us for all their roofing projects. Our dedication to excellence means your roof is constructed with precision and care, delivering reliable protection for years to come.

  • Columbia

    Columbia's properties benefit from our expert roofing services. We offer customized solutions that enhance the look and durability of your roof, ensuring it performs at its best.

  • St. Charles

    Here our roofing solutions are tailored to each building's unique needs. Our commitment to quality ensures your roof is both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

  • St. Peters

    St. Peters homeowners and businesses count on our roofing expertise. We deliver bespoke roofing services that guarantee exceptional performance and longevity.

  • Joplin

    Joplin's homes and commercial properties thrive with our expert roofing solutions. We provide individualized services that ensure your roof stands strong and looks great.

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  • Omaha

    Residents of Omaha benefit from our roofing expertise, with customized solutions designed to meet every style and need, ensuring your roof is both resilient and beautiful.

  • Lincoln

    In Lincoln, we are the trusted choice for all roofing services. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship guarantees a roof that will stand the test of time.

  • Bellevue

    Bellevue homes and businesses rely on our tailored roofing solutions. We ensure each roof is built to provide optimal performance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Grand Island

    For Grand Island residents, we provide exceptional roofing solutions that combine durability and visual appeal. Trust us to deliver a roof that enhances and protects your property.

  • Kearney

    Kearney's homes and businesses count on our superior roofing services. Our expertise ensures your roof is built to withstand the elements while complementing the look of your building.

Services Tailored for You

Residential Roofing Solutions

Our residential roofing services cater to all your roofing needs. Whether it’s a stylish upgrade, a new installation, or enhancing the resilience of your existing roof, we’ve got you covered. Our team ensures that every roof not only stands strong against various weather conditions but also adds aesthetic value to your home.

Commercial Roofing Excellence

In the world of commercial roofing, we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from new installations to upgrades, ensuring your roof is both functional and visually appealing. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of each commercial establishment, ensuring longevity and minimal operational disruption.

Comprehensive Gutter Solutions

Gutters are essential for the longevity and integrity of your property. Our services encompass everything from new gutter installations to upgrades, ensuring effective water management and protection against potential damage. Whether for a residential home or a commercial building, we ensure your gutters are in prime condition.

Siding Services

At Mitten Roofing and Restoration, we specialize in a wide range of siding services. From new installations to upgrades, our team is skilled in enhancing the protective and aesthetic qualities of your home or business building’s siding. We’re committed to providing solutions that not only solve current issues but also add to the long-term value and appeal of your property.

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